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Polycrystalline micron diamond powder

Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XR-Poly Diamond
Type: Micron

Trade Information

Min. Unit of Measure: Carats
Min. Order Quantity: 100
Production Capacity: 300000 / Year
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

Product Description

Polycrystalline micron diamond powder



Polycrystalline micron diamond powder(PDP) is a new type of high-technology materials in 21st century,which is a polymer of nano diamond produced by means of detonation at transient state with ultra higher pressure and temperature and resemble"carbonado" in the rare natural meteoric stones.

PDP is a polycrystal consisting of cubic diamond and hexahedron diamond.It has higher toughness and higher hardness as well,as a new type of abrasive it is unchallenged and irreplaceable in the lapping and polishing of sapphire substrate.

Polycrystalline micron diamond powders are consisted of nano-crystallites that give it a unique break down mechanism which allows new cutting edges to be exposed creating self-sharpening characteristics.Because of its polycrystalline nature PDP has no defined cleavage planes. It can therefore tolerate 3 times higher operating pressure than monocrystalline diamond. Another major advantage of PDP is the diamond particles have a specific surface with much more contact points and cutting edges,and producing the most scratch free surface possible and superior finish as well.

PDP is widely used in the field of high technology such as electrics,aerospace and aviation

With LED and other industry 's new application having been expanded continuously,and the usage of PDP has been rising significantly.We have been focusing on developing persistently,making exploration,innovation and overcoming a lot of technical problems by making full use of our sophisticated technology in detonation and our testing facility.As a consequence,our quality has been improving gradually and in the meanwhile our sales are also growing year after year



Detonation-synthesized Polycrystalline micron diamond powders(PDP) has a polycrystalline structure,resembling the "carbonado",the extremely expensive and rare natural Polycrystalline"Black" diamond

Color:black-grey with metallic glossiness

Superior toughness and self-sharpening

The lapping and polishing efficiency of the detonation-synthesized PDP is 2 to 4 times enhanced by comparison with that of the monocrystalline diamond produced by the traditional method:static pressure,and naturally ;silicon oxide;corundum and other abrasive materials

PDP allows the manufacturing of the smoothest surface possible:

1.when using PDP in the size of 2-4 micron in polishing surface, Roughness<1.6 nm

2.when using PDP in the size of 0-0.5 micron in polishing surface, Roughness<1.3-1.4 nm

3.When using PDP in the size of 0-0.125 micron in polishing surface, Roughness<0.1 nm

4.PDP can maintain its dull mono-crystalline structure by releasing the outer layer,hence producing the most scratch free surface possible

When applying in the surface of a workpiece(such as the inner surface of a cylinder of an engine) by means of chemical plating,the wearability of the surface is superior to that of a surface treated with any other abrasives

Through two times' sintering,PDP can be made into PDP particles in the large size,which are highly valuable in a variety of industries



Polycrystalline micron diamond powder is ideal for lapping applications requiring a high stock removal and a controlled surface finish.Typical applications include lapping and polishing of the following materials:


Magnetic head,antimagnetic thin film(MR),multilayer photographic,sputtering film,molecular beam epitaxy(MBE), ferrolites and printing plate

Joints of optical fibre,laser rod,and other products needing optical wave to going through.



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